PREMIERE: the lady mary dress and an announcement!

As you may have guessed already, I am a huge fan of both sewing and the moving picture. So to combine my two passions I have come up with a television version of The Hollywood Sew! I hope you enjoy this teaser for the pilot episode based on designing a "Downton Abbey" inspired dress and stay tuned for the imminent release of the full episode! Please do comment/like/repost and subscribe, I'm trying to get the word out to as many fellow sewists as possible!

UPDATE: Episode one is out! You can watch it here!


As promised, here is the premiere of my finished Lady Mary inspired dress. The final outcome was well worth the challenges of sewing with two shifty fabrics as this is now the most feminine and elegant dress I own, not including my wedding gown of course but that was kind of a one hit wonder ; ) I truly do feel like a lady in this dress, my full review is below.

Style accuracy: 5/5 I hate to give a 5 on the first category but I feel this is the best quality of this dress. Lady Mary's wardrobe is very specific to the era so adding the vintage touches from her style makes this dress feel true to the inspiration.

Comfort: 3/5 without the sash this dress would probably be really comfortable as there is a lot of design ease for the drapey feel. I prefer a defined waist in a dress silhouette so I probably wont be wearing this loose so having a non-stretch sash does impede my comfort sitting down! 

Wearability: 4/5 I don't think this dress has a costume feel at all, probably because Downton is not a fantasy show. The only limiting factor is that it is quite dressy, but being a light neutral colour it can work for daytime occasions too.

Versatility: 4/5 as the sash is not fixed on this dress it can be worn in the straight 20's style, if you like that look. As the lace inserts let your slip/camisole show through you could play around with different coloured ones to get a layered look.

Pattern hackability: 2/5 fixing on the sash is quite fiddly so that hack complicated things a little, replacing the inserts with lace was straight forward and sheer sleeves also meant less work as the original pattern has two layers for the yoke. 

COMING SOON: full length episode of The Hollywood Sew!!!