MINI-SERIES: the joan skirt

"Mini-series"  is a new series of smaller projects inspired by movies and tv just with less detail. Sometimes I see an already wearable look or garment on the screen that I want so I just buy a pattern to use as is and bang it out without documenting the stages. Less creative but much faster!


When I heard about the pencil skirt challenge, my first thought was where would I wear it? I work from home and the design industry doesn't really operate an office dress code for in-house meetings. I saw that floral pencil skirts were very on trend and put together this moodboard:

rtw scalloped lace skirt, floral pencil skirt, yellow peplum skirt, paneled pencil skirt, lilac paneled skirt

However after some reflection I remembered I have a lot of floral dresses I want to make so a floral pencil skirt would be a bit monotonous for my wardrobe. Then while watching the latest Mad Men I thought WWJD (what would Joanie do?!) and I quickly found the above image of her rocking a pencil skirt with a feminine 3/4 sleeve blouse. Problem solved, I had the leftover neutral coloured fabric from my Daenerys dress and I already own a 3/4 sleeve blouse that I wear all the time. Pencil skirts can be fun! I think I have seen so many pencil skirts around my old office in times square that it had become boring to me. That is the great thing about challenges, it really opens you up to trying and liking new things which you would usually discount. So here it is!

I took the opportunity to try making a sloper. I bought the downloadable basic block pack from Ralph Pink as he has adobe illustrator editable ones (what a fab idea!) So I was able to adjust the fit for my measurements really easily and now will always have a correctly fitting skirt block I can print out. Of course my measurements were way off the standard fit, another reason pencil skirts never felt good on me I imagine. I used leftover lining too so this Joanie look was a sewing steal and I feel retro and stylish when I wear this outfit, rather than off to a corporate function. I still love my printed dresses though!