PREMIERE: the daenerys dress

Yesterday I ran around the ruins of Rufford Abbey  posing for these pictures feeling like a true Game of Thrones fan. The dress was very comfortable and easy to move around in and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. It was really worth all the time spent designing the alterations to have an original garment and being thorough with the construction. Brown suede and beige linen are not colours or fabrics I would usually choose to wear so it is fun to have something different in my wardrobe. I rate it as follows:

Style accuracy: 8/10 pretty close. I knew I didn't want a replica as it wouldn't be wearable but the Daenerys style is still there with the braiding, panels and the colours/fabrics.

Comfort:  9/10 the rope trim makes the neckline a little stiff but the effect is eye-catching so I like it.

Wearability:  7/10 this dress is still quite costumey but teamed with a leather jacket or a chunky knit cardigan and flat boots I can make it dressed down enough for everyday. We shall see!

Versatility: 8/10The length makes it more appropriate for informal wear and the neutral colours are easy to coordinate with.


COMING SOON: its a wrap... 

In other news: Hell For Leather the book my hubby wrote for me as a wedding gift is on sale at and and its free until tomorrow! You can download the kindle app onto ipad and iphone for free too. It's a western adventure/romance so I think you will like it!