PREMIERE: the coven dress

This project was verrrry rushed so I could get in finished in time for Halloween (note the unfinished hem) so I apologise for the lack of my usual process/how-to posts, I will do a recap post with what you need for this project asap. The winner of the poll was storyboard 3 and I ended up using the '48 vintage Butterick 5152 as I didn't have time to print out and stick together the Burda pattern, but it works just as well I think. 


The veil is polka dot mesh and was inspired by the promo pic of Jessica Lange which you can see in my inspiration post. I just cut the size I wanted, leaving the edges raw and secured with bobby pins.


 You also might have noticed that I didn't use the burnout velvet either! Unfortunately in the end the cost of the fabric (£20 p/m!) was not justifiable when I knew I wouldn't have time to sew it carefully. So I had a wonderful idea, to make my own burnout fabric by hand painting onto chiffon. Except I didn't think about the fact that my chiffon was very cheap synthetic stuff and the fabric paint wouldn't adhere. Of course I didn't realise this until I had stayed up until midnight the night before Halloween, painstakingly painting on my design. It looked great as I was doing it but the next morning after the paint had dried and I removed the dress from the paper, the paint was mainly on the paper and had magically disappeared from the chiffon. I even tried permanent marker to no avail. I do want to make it in the burnout velvet at some point though as I think it would make for very glam loungewear. I do love the vintage feel of gathers.


Style accuracy: 4/5 it was a difficult look to embody as black dresses tend to be very similar at first glance and it is the most "ordinary" style costume inspired project I have done so far. It certainly does feel witchy though! 

Comfort: 2/5 the waistline is very snug, there is not much to wrap around my waist so I will cut a 12 next time I use this pattern instead of 10. I was going by my standard size for Simplicity as this is my first Butterick pattern.

Wearability: 5/5 although the dress has a very dramatic aire, it is pretty civilian by nature. I will feel comfortable wearing this year round.

Versatility: 4/5 I can see this as a boho style outfit with chunky heals and feather earrings, or more edgy with metal jewellery and a leather jacket.

Pattern hackability: N/A as I found what I needed to create this look in a ready made pattern and my fabric customisations were a no-show!

Here I am as a crazed seamstress...